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A Dream of Exodus

THE EMPIRE has an iron grip on the Galaxy. To maintain power, force is implimented with impunity. For that purpose the most advanced military technology is needed. PX-7 has become a vital resource in some recent secret breakthroughs, and the metal’s potential is still undergoing extensive research. The planet AKIR is the only known source of the precious metal. THE EMPIRE has ventured to the OUTER RIM to secure this source, and the planet is now placed on lockdown. Access to AKIR is restricted to non-essential personel. As a result local inhabitants and the indigenous population are barred from exit. There are people trapped on AKIR, cut off from friends and family off planet.

Tensions are rising on AKIR as THE EMPIRE has forcibly employed people to almost exclusively work in the mines, refineries or factories. The stationed imperial personal are met with increasing demand of productivity and output. This is taking its’ toll on the workers as a result when work environment worsen alongside it…!/AKZKK_MpqtgjmWMvcffS

Main Page

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